By Anthony Jones




I would like to start this out by saying that this is just my opinion and nothing more or less on what i have observed over the years that i see in Kansas City's Underground hip hop community.

The Kansas City hip hop community is the toughest local genre out of all genres and it is unorganized. All the other local genre have things in common like Organization,support and Networking. None of those elements are in Kansas City's hip hop community. It's everyone for themselves. Correct me if i'm wrong but one reason for doing shows is to network, But instead of doing that, It's always Artist at some of these shows that walk around like they just sold 100millon copies or they just signed a deal with the majors. And when you listen to their music it's just all right. I'm hoping that Kansas City's hip hop community come together and support each other and network because you don' t know, you might run across someone with the real connec. and i think it will help Kansas City's hip hop community to grow. Once Kansas City's hip hop community get on board the support train, I think things would be better in their favor. Create your own lane, because that's the key to it all that's how the artist that did make it done it and look at them now created their own lane and now they are successful. So Ladies and fellow Kansas City hip hop community, the next time you are performing at an event or just there, let's network for real and let people now what you do and pass on info about who got a good price on Album art, tracks, studio time or whatever it is that can help your fellow artist.

This goes out to the Hatter community. Keep doing you, because your helping the person your hatting on to get ahead, your opinion counts too good or bad, so your comments are welcome and because you still help us to promote.